SETH, Writing 41916

As I grow older, I am not oblivious to the awakening of my deepest sense of reality. As I separate my extraordinary self from my ordinary self (to be able to analyze life from two different angles), I reach points of consciousness that before I was unable to reach. I was lost in the ocean of my own paradigms. However, I understand that immaturity is necessary to evolve progressively to a higher dimension of thinking. As my spiritual and artistic self, I am able to see the details of an ordinary life and to appreciate the gifts of the routine. I am not getting any younger; therefore It is now that I am not willing to take absurd risks and that I am extremely careful before taking decisions. Moreover, I will not gamble what I have already accomplished for anything other than better; for the sake and security of my loved ones and myself. Stability is fundamental as I walk through the path of the rest of my life.


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