Black Snow

He Is a professional actor and while rehearsing this girl (who has a crush on him) jumps on him kissing him on the lips at the very moment his girlfriend walks in. His love, destroyed by the scene, storms out and drives madly away in her car. He follows in his car. It’s a dark night and “black snow” begins to fall from the sky covering her window making her crash against a tree on the side of the road. She gets into a comma. He is at the hospital begging the doctor to make her open her eyes …


Tell me the truth

Will she survive? …

Is she going to stay alive?

There has to be another way

to make her wake up from her sleep

How long has passed since she’s like this?

Black snow, black snow

it’s freezing cold

It’s burning blood

Black snow, black snow

Can’t you see?

It’s over here!

Doctor, don’t you know?

all the ways to make her open her eyes

to maka her come back to life

miserable forever I’ll be

If she doesn’t wake up

from her mortal dream

(SETH CM – Carlos Mongrut)


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