Good Teachers

As a student, I appreciate when my instructors and professors are faithful to their identities and their own style of teaching. Moreover, what I really care about is the integrity of my teachers; I need to see that they are passionate about what they are teaching. I completely understand that there are policies and procedures to follow. Moreover, i know that there are basic practices and curriculums to stand by; however, this should not limit professors to finding efficient methods of sharing their knowledge. Also, students do not want to be bored in class; they do not want to feel forced to learn without thinking; obviously, no one likes to feel worthless. Exercising the “mind” through participation and making the wonderful human motor called “brain” work with imagination is the best strategy that a teacher can use to motivate the students. I have shared my ideas with family and friends and everyone agrees that there is nothing more “fun” and “exciting” than learning from someone knowledgeable and original.

Seth CM


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