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If anybody asks me:

What is my definition of MARRIAGE?

My answer would be:

“Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman that goes beyond the boundaries of romance and friendship; where respect, support and compassion are the pillars of the relationship. It’s a union that goes beyond money and circumstances; in the good times and in the bad times, when in conflict or harmony; where both people put 100% of effort to make things work and where one person never ever ignores or gives up on the other one ”
Seth CM


De-constructing Myself

It is quite interesting to see the changes that I am experiencing as I grow older. I am not just referring to the person I “see” when I look at myself in the mirror; I am also referring to what I see when I reach into my inner self. I come to understand now that I am passing through a process of “de-construction,” a re-imagined materialization of a new self. Feeling like an immature insect that just passed through the process of metamorphosis, instead of the ecdysis process in many invertebrates, that I am carefully reviewing the re-engineering of my future.

Seth CM


Good morning World

I hear you cry

ignorants who hate

don’t make you smile

racism and discrimination

are boiling your blood

because they lack education

or nobody gave them love

Good morning my World

created by God

but also attacked

by the jealousy of evil

don’t suffer my World

that God after all

will always prevail

and will cure all your pain!


Black Snow

He Is a professional actor and while rehearsing this girl (who has a crush on him) jumps on him kissing him on the lips at the very moment his girlfriend walks in. His love, destroyed by the scene, storms out and drives madly away in her car. He follows in his car. It’s a dark night and “black snow” begins to fall from the sky covering her window making her crash against a tree on the side of the road. She gets into a comma. He is at the hospital begging the doctor to make her open her eyes …


Tell me the truth

Will she survive? …

Is she going to stay alive?

There has to be another way

to make her wake up from her sleep

How long has passed since she’s like this?

Black snow, black snow

it’s freezing cold

It’s burning blood

Black snow, black snow

Can’t you see?

It’s over here!

Doctor, don’t you know?

all the ways to make her open her eyes

to maka her come back to life

miserable forever I’ll be

If she doesn’t wake up

from her mortal dream

(SETH CM – Carlos Mongrut)

SETH, Writing 41916

As I grow older, I am not oblivious to the awakening of my deepest sense of reality. As I separate my extraordinary self from my ordinary self (to be able to analyze life from two different angles), I reach points of consciousness that before I was unable to reach. I was lost in the ocean of my own paradigms. However, I understand that immaturity is necessary to evolve progressively to a higher dimension of thinking. As my spiritual and artistic self, I am able to see the details of an ordinary life and to appreciate the gifts of the routine. I am not getting any younger; therefore It is now that I am not willing to take absurd risks and that I am extremely careful before taking decisions. Moreover, I will not gamble what I have already accomplished for anything other than better; for the sake and security of my loved ones and myself. Stability is fundamental as I walk through the path of the rest of my life.