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Black Snow

He Is a professional actor and while rehearsing this girl (who has a crush on him) jumps on him kissing him on the lips at the very moment his girlfriend walks in. His love, destroyed by the scene, storms out and drives madly away in her car. He follows in his car. It’s a dark night and “black snow” begins to fall from the sky covering her window making her crash against a tree on the side of the road. She gets into a comma. He is at the hospital begging the doctor to make her open her eyes …


Tell me the truth

Will she survive? …

Is she going to stay alive?

There has to be another way

to make her wake up from her sleep

How long has passed since she’s like this?

Black snow, black snow

it’s freezing cold

It’s burning blood

Black snow, black snow

Can’t you see?

It’s over here!

Doctor, don’t you know?

all the ways to make her open her eyes

to maka her come back to life

miserable forever I’ll be

If she doesn’t wake up

from her mortal dream

(SETH CM – Carlos Mongrut)

Seth CM

Carlos Mongrut is a piano experimentalist and a poet born in Lima, Perú in 1975. He discovered his true vocation for music in the year of 1992, when he was 17 years old. Since elementary through high school, he was part of the choir in his school, wrote Poetry and participated in recitals. After his first private class with a Peruvian pianist and composer Aldo Guardia, his mentor and beloved friend; his life changed forever. He brought to his teacher a draft of what would become his first composition in piano: Sensible Obra I. Since then, the direction of his instruction changed from formal piano to composition in piano. 
As an actor, Carlos played in several television advertisements, soap opera projects and video productions for film students of the University of Lima. He was also part of the cast of the modern dance group of the University of Lima choreographed by celebrity choreographer Beatriz Morachimo and performing arts group directed by celebrity director Pipo Gallo. He played “Sensible Obra I” while performing as a mental patient who believed himself to be a Pianist at the Play “No Todo Esquizofrenia”, considered the best modern dance play inter-universities of the year 1997 in Lima, Peru. He performed at the University of Lima, ICPNA, Tarumba and other stages on different plays in Peru. 
Carlos moved to Florida in 1999. His Poem “The Dance” was published by the International Library of Poetry as one of the best thirty-three new poems of the year 2004. He also played over ten characters dancing and singing in the Musical Chicago at the Lyric Theater in Stuart with Peter Jones Entertainment. He performed his “Sensibles” in piano for the community of Central Florida at the Orlando Main Public Library in several occasions. Also, he performed at the Windermere branch of the Orange County Library System for Valentine’s Day. 
In 2007, Carlos discovered electronic music and developed a character known in the electronic music scene as “CMongrooves.” CMongrooves won one of the Playlist 7 contests sponsored by Microsoft Windows and Reverbnation. “CMongrooves” promotes independent artists through his cross-promotional label “Mongrooves Productions” and has a large fan base around the world. Carlos moved to Los Angeles, CA to help his family business in 2010 and in October 2012 moved to Nevada. He lived in Las Vegas until January of the year 2014 and then relocated to New York for work until September of the same year. Finally, he moved to Dallas to make it his permanent home. Since Carlos moved to Nevada, he has been performing every year for the community of Las Vegas-Clark County in different libraries sponsored by the Library District of Las Vegas-Clark County. He has also performed at the Dallas J Erik Jonsson Main Public Library in 2015. Carlos has found inspiration in his Jewish name “Seth” and has made it also his new artistic name. From now on Carlos will be known as “Seth CM.” To him, Seth represents inspiration, connection and touch with his extraordinary soul. To Seth CM everyone is extraordinary, everyone is talented; he aims to motivate people to reach into their inner selves to find their talents.


Carlos Mongrut

P: 213-570-6776